1. get_answer.GIF (928 bytes)What similarities exist among mechanical, electrical, and optical methods of computation?
  2. get_answer.GIF (928 bytes)What shortcomings of mechanical computation did the introduction of electrical computing devices address?
  3. get_answer.GIF (928 bytes)What shortcomings of electronic computation will optical computing devices address?
  4. get_answer.GIF (928 bytes)What is a CPU? What are its primary components?
  5. get_answer.GIF (928 bytes)What are registers? What is/are their functions?
  6. get_answer.GIF (928 bytes)What is main memory? How does it differ from registers?
  7. get_answer.GIF (928 bytes)What are the differences between primary and secondary storage?
  8. get_answer.GIF (928 bytes)How does a workstation differ from a PC?
  9. get_answer.GIF (928 bytes)How does a supercomputer differ from a mainframe computer?
  10. get_answer.GIF (928 bytes)Describe three types of multicomputer configurations. What are their comparative advantages and disadvantages?

  11. get_answer.GIF (928 bytes)What is virtualization?  What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a single large computer to host multiple virtual machines compared with using smaller computers without virtualization?

  12. get_answer.GIF (928 bytes)What class of computer systems are normally for servers?
  13. get_answer.GIF (928 bytes)What is Grosch's law? Does it hold today? Why or why not?
  14. get_answer.GIF (928 bytes)How can a computer system be tuned to a particular application?
  15. get_answer.GIF (928 bytes)What characteristics differentiate application software from system software?
  16. get_answer.GIF (928 bytes)In what ways does system software make the development of application software easier?
  17. get_answer.GIF (928 bytes)Why has the development of system software paralleled the development of computer hardware?
  18. get_answer.GIF (928 bytes)List at least five types of resources that computers on a local area or wide area network can share.
  19. get_answer.GIF (928 bytes)Describe the dual roles most operating systems play in external resource access.
  20. get_answer.GIF (928 bytes)Describe the relationship between the resource allocation and management functions of system software and external resources accessible via a network. What system software functions must be provided to access external resources?

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