Review Questions

  1. get_answer.GIF (928 bytes) Describe the operation of MOVE. Why is the name "move" a misnomer?

  2. get_answer.GIF (928 bytes) Why does program execution speed generally increase as the number of general-purpose registers increases?

  3. get_answer.GIF (928 bytes) What are special purpose registers? Give three examples of special purpose registers and explain how each is used.

  4. get_answer.GIF (928 bytes) What are the advantages and disadvantages of fixed length instructions as compared to variable length instructions? Which type generally are used in a RISC processor? Which type generally are used in a CISC processor?

  5. get_answer.GIF (928 bytes) Define word size? What are the advantages and disadvantages of increasing word size?

  6. get_answer.GIF (928 bytes) What characteristics of the CPU and of primary storage should be balanced to obtain maximum system performance?

  7. get_answer.GIF (928 bytes) How does a RISC processor differ from a CISC processor? Is one processor type better than the other? Why or why not?

  8. get_answer.GIF (928 bytes) What factor(s) account for the dramatic improvements in microprocessor clock rates over the last three decades?

  9. get_answer.GIF (928 bytes) What potential advantages are provided by optical processors as compared to electrical processors?
  10. get_answer.GIF (928 bytes)Which is the better measure of relative computer system performance a benchmark
    such as CPU2004 or a processor speed measure such as GHz, MIPS, or
    MFLOPS? Why?
  11. get_answer.GIF (928 bytes)How does pipelining improve the efficiency of a CPU? What is the potential
    effect of executing a conditional branch instruction on the efficiency gained by
    pipelining? What technique(s) can be employed to make pipelining more efficient
    when executing conditional branch instructions?
  12. get_answer.GIF (928 bytes)How does multiprocessing improve the efficiency of a computer system?

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